Creating An Outstanding Essay On Why Online Shopping Is Better

Essays can be defined as a scholarly write ups about a particular theme, subject, place, person or an event. These can be academic or non academic in nature and it depends upon what the title demands. An article reflects the author’s imaginations and thought and it gives his own argument based on a particular topic.

Constructing an essay on any topic requires skill and hard work. While preparing an article you need to be aware of its format, structure and guidelines. It has to be well organized into different paragraphs and the content has to be illustrated concisely.

Points to remember while developing an effective article on online shopping:

If you are planning to write an article on the benefits of online shopping over other conventional modes of shopping, you need to collect enough data regarding the topic. An article must follow the following structure:

  • An Introduction: this section introduces your topic to the readers and it should provide the overall summary about the topic which you are dealing with. In this case, advantages of online shopping can be portrayed. You can include the latest growth in online shopping, advent of many online shopping portals etc. also highlight some facts which make people to choose online shopping over traditional shopping options. You can add catchy sentences and quotes favoring the online shopping environment in the introductory paragraph.

  • Article body: here you elaborate your writing based on facts, recent case studies, graphical and pictorial representations, latest statistics etc. highlight the rapid increase of online shopping customers, recent trends of online shopping, attractive discount sales offered by various portals, special discount sales etc. a comparison between online and offline shopping environment should be included in this section. Conveying the benefits of choosing online shopping portals for better shopping experience through substantial evidences can be illustrated in neatly organized paragraphs.

  • Conclusion: this section is used for winding up the descriptive article and it serves as a point of exit from your writing. You can conclude your findings as a result by restating the important points derived from the analysis done on the previous section. The reasons why online shopping is better nowadays must be furnished in the section. Also state a few drawbacks of offline shopping when compared to latest online shopping.

  • Reference: listing the sources and books referred for the completion of the article falls under this section. You can mention the websites which provide statistics, books and other sources.

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