Surfing The Web In Search Of Interesting Topics For Essays

When you are searching for topics for your essay, you want to search smarter not harder. The first thing you can do is search for specific and unique terms, the more specific you are the easier it is to find what you want. Also if you are searching and keep coming up with something that you don’t want to search, you can use a minus sign before the work and the search engine will eliminate the word from the search. If you want an exact phrase, use quotation marks and it will only give you the exact results for that phrase.

You also don’t want to use punctuation or common works in your search and search engines don’t recognize capitalization in the search. Try to avoid using suffixes on your words as well because that will give you better results. If you are looking for results from a certain time frame, you can do this in the search tools in Google. You can go back a year, all time, a day, and so on. And lastly, if you seem to be coming up with same search results each time you search for topics, try words like bizarre, controversial, weird, and so on. You would be amazed at the new topics that you get.

Interesting Topics

  • Odd numbers, what is so odd about them? This essay topic allows you to be creative and think about how to answer the question.
  • In some stories there are three of something, like mice, bears, pigs and so on. Create a new group of three things that go together and then write about how they belong together.
  • Look at PH as a measure of your personality, what PH would you be and you can’t choose neutral because that is a base reading.
  • If you had to wear a costume for an entire year, what would it be and why would you wear that costume?
  • Pick three objects in your room and imagine they can talk. What would these objects say about you or how would they describe you?
  • Think about your favorite ride at an amusement park. Do you think that this ride describes how your approach life or do you just see it as a fun ride?

All of these topics will give you an idea on what an interesting topic looks like. Just search for different ones and see if you can find a good one to use.

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