5 tips that will help you pick great persuasive essay topics

Persuasive essay writing is like marketing a concept to a reader. It requires a writer to make a good enough argument that a reader feels some compulsion to agree even if their original opinion on the matter was quite different. A great essay topic makes the whole process simpler so here are five tips to help you select one:

Think outside the box

There are infinite ideas floating out there in the universe. Don’t let your frame of reference blind you to the best of them. Start looking around you for new ideas. Hang out with people you bicker with. Different opinions will help you stumble upon the ideas that live outside of your comfort zone.

Have an agenda

When you try to persuade someone of something you yourself don’t believe it comes across as a much weaker essay. When you select your topic, try to think of what you want people to think. Whatever your agenda is, it will make you put more effort into your essay.

Do some research on your prospective topics

Before you pick your topic you should know if it has aspects that will be hard to address in your writing. Don’t get blindsided halfway to the end of your writing.

Do some research on your prospective readers

Make sure you know as much as you can about who will read the essay. Persuasive techniques aren’t universally applicable so you need to pick an essay topic that suits the ones you’ll be limited to.

Use your intuition

If a topic feels perfect, trust yourself and pick it. If it feels off, toss it aside.

Here are a few persuasive topics to look at.

  • Should parents choose more traditional sounding names for their children?
  • Is the education system in its present form contributing to children’s chances of failure?
  • Do the descendants of alienated and abused groups have the right to seek compensation from the descendants of oppressors?
  • Is solitary confinement ever adequate punishment?
  • Is humiliation ever the right method for a parent to use in imparting discipline?
  • Is love at first sight really just lust?
  • Should the concept of money continue to exist?
  • Does Esperanto serve any purpose in modern diplomacy?
  • Should any subjects be mandatory in a free education system?
  • Is it immoral to penalize homeless people for illegally occupying buildings?
  • Should religious leaders with criminal past be allowed access to vulnerable people?

The best topic for you will depend on the situation you’re writing for.

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