Where To Find An Example Of A Good Evaluation Essay

An evaluation essay requires you to pick a topic and then evaluate that topic use certain criteria. You can determine the criteria. You may have to pick the title, or your teacher may select if for you. You actually read something similar to evaluation essays when you read product reviews or movie reviews. The idea is similar, but the format is still that of a formal essay. If you need an example paper to model your composition after, look at these places:

  • Newspapers: as I said, the paper is similar to a review, so check out the movie, book, and product reviews that you can locate in your newspaper. This will help you with the composition immensely.
  • Online: there are over 10,00 writing sites online and more are being added daily. So, feel free to look online. Just verify the quality and credibility of the site before you start using the work found there as a sample.
  • Writing Lab: if you are lucky enough to have a school writing lab, you will find an archived folder of work in the lab. Check out the evaluation pieces samples and use them as a model. Only the best products will be archived, so you know you are learning from the best.
  • Your Teacher: most writing and English teachers have a file folder of sample work. Go to see your instructor and ask if he or she has a folder that you can look at for direction.
  • Your Tutor: if you have a tutor, then you are in luck. Simply ask the tutor to provide example essays for you to look at when you need help. He or she will also have a folder of the best essays he or she has seen. If the tutor does not have the correct sample, ask him or her to find one for you.
  • The Library: in the library you will find two sources. There should be archived student papers as well as books of essays in the reference section. Check out either of these sites to get help for your evaluation composition.

The next time you are assigned an evaluation paper feel free to use these helpful tips for getting a model to look at before you begin to write. It has been shown that writing when using a sample will improve you grade, so always model when you have apiece due.

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