A Guide To Writing A Descriptive Essay For 9th Grade Students

Whether you are in high school, college or the university, there will always be the need for you to submit one or more academic papers in each session. Descriptive essay is a type of academic paper that students write and submit once in a while. Descriptive essays are usually fun to write, especially if you choose or gets assigned to write on a topic that interests you. Most times, you don’t even need to carry out any researches before you can write a descriptive paper as they are more personalized than the other types of papers. If this is your first time or you got it wrong the first time, you can be sure of getting it right this time.

Whether you want to improve in your descriptive essay writing skills or you need guidelines because you will be writing it for the first time, this article will guide you through some of the simple steps taken to compose a high-quality paper for 9th grade students. The following tips should get you started with minimal effort. They are:

  • Choosing a topic: Often times, the tutors assign topics to the students but at other times, the students are given the privilege to choose their own topics. Although it can be fun having to choose your own topic but sometimes, it can also be a huge challenge as you find it difficult to settle for a particular topic. However, knowing what topics you are passionate about would help you narrow down your list of topics and eventually settle down for one.
  • Compose the initial draft: For this step in writing your descriptive essay to go smoothly, you should have an outline that you will follow. This will help you give your readers the best of your ability as far as the subject matter is concerned.
  • Get very descriptive: Just like the name suggests, your writing should be very descriptive. On that note, it is necessary that you incorporate all the five human senses of sight, sound, touch, taste and smell. If you are describing a snowy trip, let them see and feel the snow. If you’re talking about flowers, let them perceive the scent of the flowers. If it is about the Chinese dish you had, let them taste the deliciousness of the meal. It is about your latest adventure in the forest? Let them hear the eerie sounds. Yes, draw them in by creating vivid pictures through your descriptive essay.
  • Write and revise: Transform the initial draft into an original work. Take your time to review, modify and where necessary, reorganize the content of your paper so that you can achieve your aim.

In writing your descriptive paper, make sure it is such that can be appreciated by your target readers. Don’t leave them confused with distorted descriptions. Finally, make sure your essay completely conveys, not just emotions but meanings through your story.

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