How to Come Up with Interesting Essay Topics

With all of the devices we have in our lives today, from wonderful search engines such as Google and Reddit—two primo sources for students—to Amazon Instant Video Documentaries and YouTube, there is no excuse for NOT finding an interesting essay topic online.

Here are some tips for finding an essay topic that will not only be fun to write about but easy as well.

  1. Make a list of those topics that interest you first
  2. Okay, think of topics that are scholastic enough to write about that interest you very much. This must be done first or you will end up picking a topic that does not interest you—and then the writing becomes a chore instead of an act of easy discovery—where words seem to virtually flow from your fingertips.

    If you cannot think of a topic that really interests you, think of a category of a topic—are you interested in Science? Economics? Math? Computers? Technology? Video Games? If you have a strong interest in something like “video games” for example—you can turn such a topic into something fun – such as “do some video games help children learn” or “the five most educational computer programs for children.” This way, you’ll still be in your topic area.

  3. Next, Look at Your List Again
  4. Now look at your list again. Which topics on this list do you naturally already know about the most? Pick two of these and brainstorm for ideas under each topic.

    For example, say you chose “Technology and Learning.” What do you already know about this topic?

    Even if you feel your knowledge is weak at this point, do a cursory internet source and jot down findings.

    Do this for two topics which you could write about that you have fun.

  5. Examine these Lists of Beginning Research
  6. Now, you know from having just looked on the internet which seemed the most likely to be able to be researched easily AND which ones seem like they would be the easiest to write about as well.

    You always want to go with the topic that is easiest to read about and easiest to write about without a struggle.

    Why? Because if you could find that cursory information in a few minutes, imagine what you can learn about this in an hour.

  7. Now you can start your paper

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