Business Information Technology

Rapid advances in information technology across various sectors in the contemporary society have enormously transformed the lifestyles of people globally. In particular, IT has pervaded various aspects of global business thereby altering how such transactions are pursued. Notably, business institutions utilize technology, both software and hardware to automate processes, achieve targets and objectives as well as provide services to customers. Petter notes that through business information technology, stakeholders including management of various business organizations have managed to carry out their duties effectively and in a diligent manner. For instance, IT endows students with substantive computing and IT skills relevant in generating and implementing sophisticated computer systems in business transactions. Besides, IT experts are able to apply computing skills to problem-solving in business operations. In a nutshell, information technology has not only increased the speed with which business operations are carried out but also enhanced their efficiency. This paper discusses how information technology has impacted on business transactions in the contemporary society.

According to Tansey, integrating information technology into business operations has transformed the way business operations are carried out. At the outset, information technology has enabled quick access to information within business organizations through online storage. Such an IT initiative enhances effectiveness as companies as well as other stakeholders are able to access vital information in real time. Besides, information technology also enables business organizations to achieve dis-intermediation by employing multi-user systems. Such initiatives are vital in enhancing the speed, effectiveness and efficiency in business operations. Another equally important aspect of business information technology is cost-effectiveness. Stephen argues that the introduction of IT in business operations has helped institutions in cutting costs associated with labour as well as other bureaucratic processes. For instance, the use of computer in pursuing email and communication not only helps an organization in reducing time, costs and effect thereby enhancing efficiency. Through initiation of office network, employees are able to access latest information in a timely and more effective manner, plan meetings as well as communicate with colleagues within an organization. Stephen further explains that virtual private network, via internet, enables remote users to access organizations’ information on secured access to their network.

In brief, business information technology is a contemporary initiative that seeks to enhance effectiveness and efficiency of business operations within an organization. It aspires to achieve various initiatives within business organizations including, increasing productivity, transforming both business processes and network as well as changing its scope.

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