Biometrics in Security

Biometric refers to identification of an individual through his physical characteristics. The main aim of this technology is to authentically analyze that every person is unique and they can be identified through various attributes such as their thumb prints, their voice and their facial features.

This kind of authentic analyzing is used in the field of security and access control and it is becoming increasingly popular in the government sector across the globe.

Future Role of Biometrics in security

Because of its increasing popularity and the advancement of technology, it is anticipated that biometrics in security would eventually play a huge role in the computer systems all over the world.

  • For instance, nowadays biometric data allows the user to access his private bank account using a voice recognition program or assessing the iris in the eye. This authentication procedure makes it impossible for any other person to gai access to anyone else’s information.

  • There is also an increasingly popular demand in providing biometric security using smart-phones. Fingerprint checking is the most common type of security that almost everyone applies for. However, several people are now gaining awareness of the voice or facial recognition program. For instance, several phone software’s have already introduced facial recognition to their users as an option to unlock their phones.

  • Storing biometric data has also been very beneficial in the business world. This is because companies can keep track of who they are letting into their buildings. Facial or voice recognition programs have been introduced for their employees to ensure that their information does not fall into the wrong hands.

  • In the criminal investigation procedures, fingerprints were once used to compare data collected from the crime scene to the data stored. Nowadays, computers have allowed investigators to speed up investigative processes through quick determination of the fingerprints from a crime scene by comparing it to the millions stored images in just a few seconds. This has also been made possible through the use of mobile communication networks.

  • Same goes for the case when the police or investigators have to use the identification systems based on biometrics. This can be done by comparing the behavioral or physical characteristics of an impostor caught on surveillance to the one stored in databases.

Therefore, biometric data has played a huge role in security reforms of the future due to the demands of both public and private sectors for increased protection.

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