Athens and Sparta

Athens and Sparta are among the very well-known cities in Ancient Greece. Athenians and Spartans are the greatest descendants of the Greek civilization. They are two cities that geographically stood side-by-side in the world map. They had similarities as well, but their culture and values were extremely different from one another.

Both Athens and Sparta had the same form of government. They were ruled by an assembly, whose members were elected by the people. However, two kings rule the Spartan assembly. These kings rule the city until they die or are forced out of office. On the other hand, Athens had an annual election. They elected members of the assembly whom they called Archons. Because of this practice, it is believed that Athens is the birthplace of Democracy.

Life in Sparta was indeed very simple. Their civilization focused on obedience and war. Young men in Sparta were freed from domestic and industrial obligations, which permitted them to center their attention on their military duties. Early in their childhood, boys were trained to be warriors, while girls were prepared to be mothers of warriors. In contrast to Sparta, life in Athens was comparable to a paradise. An Athenian male was allowed to get a good education and could pursue any of the several kinds of arts and sciences. They were also allowed to serve the army or navy, but were not compelled to. Females on the other hand, were restricted to pursuits other than war, business, and education.

Spartan armies have served Greece in countless ways, especially in defending their territories. Because Spartans were trained to be warriors, they turned out to be the greatest warriors in Ancient Greece. For this reason, Greek civilization relied on them for defense. Furthermore, Sparta also served as an inspiration to all Greeks to fight for their rights and their country. Athens together with Sparta placed an end towards the Persians’ bullying and invasion attempts.

However, the biggest difference between Sparta and Athens is their manner of dealing with fellow Greeks. While Sparta was contented with its territory and civilization, Athens wanted to control more cities and civilizations around them. This Athenian character led into a war between Greeks themselves. After several years, Sparta won the war. However, because Greeks will always be Greeks, they refused to burn the city of Athens. They were allowed to live on and cultivate their culture, as long as they promise to put away their greed.

Despite the contributions of Sparta to the Greek civilization, it was still Athens that became popular. But, the truest and greatest lessons these two civilizations have taught us were beyond compare. Their story showed us how greed can break a family apart, and in the end, none of them will be considered winners. The Spartans also showed us that sometimes contentment and simplicity brings peace and joy. Lastly, Spartans showed us that in any war or chaos, blood should always be thicker than water!

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