Defining Knowledge And Wisdom

It can be hard to define knowledge and wisdom unless you take a closer look at the two.  Knowledge is something that you have learned and wisdom is information that you gather from experiences and can also be considered as wise. While knowledge gives you a clear picture of fact and truth, wisdom is what helps us make the right decisions in our lives.  Since you now know the difference between the two, lets dig a little deeper into both of their definitions.

Knowledge can be defined in a few ways; the first is to acquire principles, facts, or truths in studying and investigation of a subject.  Knowledge can also have to deal with knowing something or being familiar with a certain subject.  It can also be the state of knowing something or a perception of what is true and what is false.  Wisdom can also be defined in a few different ways, is it a state of being wise, having the knowledge what is right or true and using judgments of discernment, sagacity, and insight to your actions.  Wisdom can also mean knowledge and learning on a scholarly level.  I’m sure you have heard words of wisdom, which is a sayings or teaching that is wise.

So basically, knowledge is something that is learned in school and wisdom is what you learn from life experiences but can also be learnt in school from a fellow classmate or teacher.  Do you get it?  If not I will give you a few examples; if you are learning a lesson from one of your teachers then you are gaining knowledge from what they said.  If you grandfather is telling you a life story that has a moral at the end of it then you are gaining wisdom.  Another example is, you are going college to learn how to be a doctor and all of the stuff that you learn to be one is the knowledge of the facts.  But the advice that you instructor gives you about how to deal with patients and other things that can’t be learned in a book is wisdom.  I either made knowledge and wisdom really clear to you or I just confused you more.  The examples should make the two clearer to you if you didn’t understand my definitions.  Think as knowledge as something you can learn and wisdom as what you gain from your day to day life experiences.  

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