A Comprehensive Guide To Writing Opinion Essays

An opinion essay is an academic paper where the author should pick some topic and write what they think about it supporting their ideas with good arguments. While this is a comparatively simple paper, you may make some mistakes if you’re writing it for the first time. Here are the guidelines that you should follow in order to compose a great essay:

  1. Pick an interesting topic.
  2. The secret of a good opinion essay is to choose a topic that you really have a solid opinion on. This way, it’ll be much easier for you to come up with good arguments and defend your views or beliefs. Keep in mind that you should select a topic within the limitations of your assignment.

  3. Do your research.
  4. It’s always better when you can support your opinion with some real facts and statistics. For this reason, you should investigate your topic to find such persuasive factual evidence. You may consult your teacher on this matter or use the services of professional companies, like this one, that can be found on the web.

  5. Come up with a thesis.
  6. You should compose a sentence that will correctly express your opinion on the chosen topic and set the purpose for your paper at the same time. This will be your thesis statement.

  7. Outline your essay.
  8. Divide your paper into five paragraphs and give each paragraph its purpose. The first paragraph should be an introduction, three following paragraphs should list your arguments, and the last one should be a conclusion.

  9. Write the introduction.
  10. This paragraph should draw the interest of your readers to your topic and explain its importance. Place your thesis statement at the end of the opening paragraph to set the course for your paper.

  11. Write the body.
  12. Each body paragraph should introduce a separate argument and provide your readers with support for it. Make sure that all arguments can be connected to each other and your thesis.

  13. Write the conclusion.
  14. In this section, you need to summarize your arguments and restate your thesis statement. Make the last sentence of the paragraph memorable and meaningful so that your readers think about your topic after reading your essay.

  15. Revise your paper.
  16. Take a break after writing and come back to your essay with a fresh view. Find and eliminate all grammar and spelling mistakes. Look through your text once again and get rid of irrelevant sentences.

Follow these guidelines and you’ll earn a high score for your opinion essay.

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