10 argumentative essays topics that are easy to write on

Creating an argumentative essay topic is a challenge for many students. In some classes, instructors will give some general guidelines for possible topics, and this tends to make it much easier for students to choose a topic. However, in writing classes where students just need to write an argumentative essay about anything, there seems to be too many topics from which to choose. These are 10 argumentative topics that anyone can write about because they always seem to have multiple sides that can be argued:

  1. Global Climate Change: Regardless of what you believe about the causes of climate change, climate change is for real. What makes this an interesting and easy topic is that nearly every community could do something about climate change and you can always argue about what could be done where you live.
  2. Taxation: No one likes taxes, but they seem to be necessary. You could argue about taxes that should or should not be imposed on citizens or you could write about the most ridiculous taxes around the world. You might not know much about taxes, but you will after writing an essay about them.
  3. Marketing to Children: We all know it happens in sneaky ways, but should the rules be changed?
  4. Celebrity/Athlete Paychecks: What do we consider to be too much? What should they be paid? Do they earn their money by being on display all of the time?
  5. Stores Open on Holidays: Should stores let their employees enjoy holidays (like Thanksgiving) or is it more important for the stores to be open?
  6. Relationship Questions: What is the right role for women/girls in relationships? Should the ask out men/boys? Should they pay for dates? Should the gender roles even be a consideration in the early stages of a relationship. You could really have fun with this topic.
  7. The Legal Drinking/Smoking Ages: Should these be changed? Why or why not?
  8. Abstinence Education: This is a controversial topic that could be fascinating to study and you discuss this essay topic in your school environment by looking at what is currently being done and the relationship to teen pregnancy.
  9. Standardized Tests: It seems that the only people who like these are the companies that make them and politicians. What should be done with standardized tests in schools?
  10. Curfews. What is the best stance on curfews for teens and teen drivers? Should communities have them? How do they benefit communities?

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