Vital Things You Need To Know To Compose A College Essay

Although college essays are quite similar to high school writing assignments, there are a few key differences. For students to get a top grade on their assignment, they need to learn these vital tips for composing their college essay. By editing thoroughly and using these tips, students can get a better grade on their assignment.

Do Not Use “I” in University Writing Assignments

Back in the Enlightenment period, academicians started writing essays. They never used the word “I” because an academic paper was supposed to prove something beyond a shadow of a doubt. By using “I”, the writer implies that the thesis is only true for the writer. This rule of writing has remained the same since that period, and it remains the number one thing to remember when writing a college essay.

Be Careful With Citations

Whenever the student writes a college essay, they will need to use quotes and research to back up their thesis. If a quote or research is used, it has to be properly cited or it is considered to be plagiarized. Students should get a writing sample or a writers' manual to make sure that they are using citations correctly. In addition, the student needs to make sure that they are using the correct writing style. If the class calls for Chicago style, then the student needs to make sure that they have used Chicago style citations.

Editing and Proofreading the Document

There is no excuse for spelling errors or typos in a college essay. Some professors will even hand back an assignment for editing if there are typos in it. Before the student turns in their assignment, they need to thoroughly edit for any grammatical errors, typos or issues with their argument. If the student is not able to edit on their own, they can always ask a friend, professor or tutor for help.

Making a Thesis and Building an Argument

Basically every type of essay in college will require a thesis. A thesis statement is essentially one or two sentences that sum up the student's argument. In addition, the thesis statement needs to be something that can be proved or disproved. It has to make an argument that the student will then support in the remainder of their writing. Since the entire paper is based around the thesis statement, it will be glaringly obvious to the professor if a thesis statement is missing.

Great Tips For Writing

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