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You will more than likely have to write many more essays throughout your education than you care to think about. They can be tedious and time consuming unless you have a good handle on how to write them successfully. Essays are designed to test your analytical skills and push you to verbalize your ideas. There are several different types of essays but all of these essay follow a similar form and include similar parts.

There are some tips and tricks that may help you develop your paper. They should be useful in completing just about every essay that you will be asked to write. This is a quick and easy guide that should prove to be effective in writing your next essay.


There is a basic structure to every essay. It consists of three parts. The first part is the introduction. It is designed to introduce the topic to the audience. It should include some background information on the topic. This would include any vocabulary that you may need to understand the topic. The introduction will set your paper up. It will give the audience all of the information that is needed to understand the rest of the paper even if they didn’t know anything about the topic to begin with. The thesis statement will be the last sentence of the introduction. It is the main point of writing the paper. The body of your paper will prove the thesis. It is best to supply your reader with three supporting reasons why you believe your thesis to be true. Each of these reasons can be explained in their own paragraph. The conclusion will come last. It is where you would tie up the paper and restate your thesis. The five paragraph format is the most common form that is used for essay writing. The introduction and conclusion will each have their own paragraph and each of the three supporting reasons will have their own paragraph.


One way to ensure that your reader follows your paper and to bump up your word count to meet your requirements is to use transitions. They can be used at the beginning or at the end or both. They are used to let your reader know that you are switching topics. It is a great way to make your paper flow and to make it easier to read.

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