Writing a concluding paragraph: expert tips and examples:

What a conclusion is:

A conclusion is similar to that of an introduction, they both create thoughts and build bridges for the readers. The conclusion paragraph is the last chance in the paper that you will have to state your case. Think of a conclusion paragraph like a closing sentence when in court. It is your way to leave a final impression on the audience, reiterate your stance on the topic at hand and do your best throughout the essay to persuade your audience to agree with you; then in the end ensure they agree with you by enforcing the negative aspects that could come about if things went in the other direction.

Ideas on how to write a conclusion:

There are several different techniques you could do when it comes to writing a conclusion that is found to be effective. Examples of these include but are not limited to the following:

  •  Mention implications on a wider net
  •   Review the main points you mentioned in the essay
  •  Maybe include a quotation from one of the sources you used to do research
  •  You can end how you finish, for example if you begin with a scenario then you should end with a scenario

Things to avoid when writing a conclusion:

Just like there are many things you should consider when writing a conclusion there are many things that you should not even think of when writing a conclusion. For example:

  • Do not make a weird appearance of emotion, especially if it has nothing to do with the topic or the flow of the paper
  • Do not restate the thesis statement word for word, there needs to be changes when reusing it
  • Do not add in something new in the conclusion, the conclusion is just that, it means the story is ending so no new details, points, or information can be added, you summarize and you’re done
  • Do not wait till the conclusion paragraph to mention the thesis statement, this must be done within in the introduction paragraph as a tool for the opening argument
  • Do not begin the conclusion paragraph with phrases that are overused, this adds dullness in the paper and does not come across as well as it would in a speech
  •  Do not try to compare and contrast the topic to something else in the conclusion, this is like stating new information, but overall it confuses the audience and they will lose respect for you as a writer

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