How To Write A Biographical Narrative Essay: An Outline

Most students consider it a cake walk to write descriptive, persuasive and expository articles. However, ask them to write a narrative and it will be confirmed that most of them have no idea of how to write one. If you are one such person who is wondering how to write a good narrative, here are a few tips mentioned in below points.

Tips to write a biographical narrative essay in an easy going way

  1. Put the story into words
  2. Every person’s life will have a story. It is the people, places and incidents in the person’s life that makes the narrative interesting and fascinating. So essentially you have to include all possible characters, incidents and places that would have hold importance in the person’s life. This will give a life to your write up and slowly you will grab the ultimate perfection in your style of writing.

  3. Be purposeful
  4. A narrative should have a purpose as its foundation. It should inspire, persuade, motivate and urge people to take up the cause that the individual stood for. Readers should be able to learn something new out of the narrative and you have to affect it with flamboyant writing.

  5. Create a story timeline
  6. The narrative should be written in proper chronological order. It should have a timeline that will depict the important events and happenings in the individual’s life. The only place where you can skip the chronological part is the introduction and the conclusion.

  7. Establish a claim
  8. Your narrative should establish a claim or a thesis that will be proved good by the story. The claim can be placed anywhere in the beginning or in the near end where readers will be eager to derive conclusions. The, they will be in a better position to appreciate your take on the person’s life and your literary skills.

  9. Be original , state genuine facts
  10. Although a creative process, while writing a narrative you must abstain from writing fictional matters. The trust must be beheld and every effort should be taken to state actual facts, names or places that bear importance to the narrative.

Writing a narrative can be quite an easy task if you follow the above guidelines. Adopting some focus points in your writing is not much difficult; it will rather make your job easier than ever before. You can easily create an outline of the narrative and detail it elaborately with facts and incidents that will bring it to life.

Great Tips For Writing

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