The Black Death

The Black Death is one of the worst pandemics in the human history. It was experienced all over Europe between the years 1346 and 1353. Over that period, it killed around close to two hundred million people. Ninety percent of the people that got infected did not survive the infection and died in two to seven days after getting infected. The plague was caused by Yersinia Pestis bacterium. It is believed to have originated the Central Asia. The disease spread very fast and was hard to control. Its spread followed rail and along the Silk Road. The disease was common in the rodent prone areas like in the ports where goods were stored. It was there in the horse stays especially of the soldiers who travelled from place to place. These regions were called the plague focus or reservoir.

Symptoms of The Black Death

The infection appeared in three forms. All these forms had different signs and symptoms. The most common form was that which affected both sexes. The symptoms were the appearance of swellings at the groin, armpits and around the neck. After gestation period in the human body, the swellings could open up and start oozing puss and bleed. Bleeding was the last sign and was a sure sign that the one is on his or her last days. After the flea bites, signs of tumors or swelling start to appear around the groin and under the armpits. The swellings were the size of the egg or apple that is a disturbing size of a swelling on the body. After some time, the blisters could start to spread in all directions. The swellings would spread all over and cause black spots on the body. The condition was at the time accompanied by vomiting and fever. Another form of the plague causes breathing complications as it affects the lungs.

The spread and Causes of The Black Death

The plague was spread bf fleas that were found on rodents. The rodents contributed to the massive spread because they were very common in the households. The fleas sought host in the rodents in the towns, ships and cargo that was transported for trade. The flea would bite people and cause the plague. At first people did not know that the fleas were in the horses and rodents and confused pets like cats and dogs as the spreading agents. This was until later when the homes that kept cats were found to be free of the plague. Cats killed the rodents that carried the fleas.

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