Looking for a Five Paragraph Essay Sample on the Web

Five paragraph essay is the most common type of essays young learners get to write to develop their writing skills. It teaches the basics of logical argumentation, and demonstrates how to formulate ideas the way that will make them understandable and accessible to everyone. However, sometimes it is not enough to read the explanations, or listen to the ones provided by the teacher, it is necessary to have a look at the samples. The easiest way to find the best samples is to look for them online.

Here are some tips that will help you succeed in your search:

  • Look for web sites that store PDF versions of textbooks.
  • There is a bunch of websites that provide PDF versions of textbooks that teach the basics of writing. Scan through their contents, and you are sure to find paragraphs dedicated to teaching how to write five paragraph essays, as well as high quality essay samples. These samples are created according to the rules, and meet all requirements for this type of tasks.

  • Use the right search options.
  • Sometimes the search engines give the search results that are not related to the topic that is required. The way out is to use certain techniques, such as punctuation marks, to get the best samples on the particular topic. For instance, inverted commas will make the search engine find exact phrases in the essay.

  • Read online articles with tips for writing this type of essays.
  • These articles usually contain essay samples that demonstrate the learners how to use the tips. They are perfectly structured, grammatically and stylistically irreproachable, and contain brilliant ideas.

  • Use the websites of libraries and educational establishments.
  • Official websites created for educational purposes provide a great number of writing resources for those who need help with improving their writing skills. These resources provide free samples that are created by professionals.

  • Resort to online resources for those who want to prepare for international tests.
  • Websites that aim at providing information about PET, FCE, CAE, CPE, IELTS, and TOEFL usually contain samples of essays necessary to pass these exams. Moreover, they give teacher’s evaluation of the essays, and clear explanations of the mistakes and drawbacks.

While looking for five paragraph essays, bear in mind that not all samples you find online are of good quality. It is rather sensible to use a limited range of trustworthy resources for studying the rules, and then write the essay by yourself.

Great Tips For Writing

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