New Media

New media refers to current forms of communication that use computer technology and internet. New media is interactive and includes streaming audios and videos, wikis, text messaging, email, RSS feeds, blogging, social networks and podcasts among others. These forms of communication allow people to access information on-demand from any location and at any time. Individuals can connect and share information as long as they have a mobile phone, computer or laptop that is connected to the internet. Increased access to internet and mobile computing has transformed societies and business operations. Organizations have to use new media platforms to keep up with changes in communication and remain competitive.

Advantages and disadvantages of new media

New media has increased access to information and enabled people to share knowledge fast. A single post on a website or social media platform reaches millions of people immediately. With new media, people can follow live events and receives news updates on their mobile devices. New media has transformed advertising as firms turn to social networks to reach potential clients. Interactions between organizations and clients online have enabled many organizations to retain their customers. Organizations can provide real time information to their clients about their products or services. New media has enabled government institutions to improve their service provision. Social media allows people to connect and interact from different locations.

One disadvantage of new media is the increase in cyber crimes and bullying especially among young people. Cyber criminals use new media platforms especially social networks to attack and bully users. New media exposes confidential information to criminals. The easy access to information on the internet has affected learning in schools as students over rely on the internet to complete their assignments.

Use of new media among young people

Young people use new media especially social networks to interact and share information including videos, photos, music, and contact details. They spend more time playing online games and text messaging than studying. Young people use new media to express themselves. Some use new media for self-learning and enhancing their talents. However, the largest percentage of young people uses new media platforms for fun.

Social media is not only affecting the performance of students but also exposing them to cyber crimes. It is now more difficult for parents to control how children and teenagers use the internet. Young people mostly use their mobile phones to access the internet and interact. Hence, parents cannot protect their children from harmful content and cyber bullies. Parents have a major role to play in guiding their children on how to use new media and encourage them to participate in outdoor activities and allocate enough time to their studies.

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