The Jungle Book By Rudyard Kipling

The Jungle Book By Rudyard Kipling is a famous adventure film which was developed in 1994 based on the stories of Mowgli which Kipling also wrote. The books and the films follow the star of Mowgli as he fights off Captain Boone and begins to form a love interest in Kitty.

During the British Raj throughout India there was a small five year old boy who was the son of a widowed tour guide. While on a tour one of the British colonel’s brings along his five year old daughter by the name of Katherine. Mowgli nicknames her “kitty” and the two become close friends. But that night their encampment is attacked by Shere Khan the tiger. He kills some of the soldiers who had earlier hunted in the jungle for fun. Mowgli’s father defends the third hunter but the third hunter against Shere Khan only to be left by the hunter to be mauled to death.

Mowgli becomes lost in the jungle during this confusion and becomes pets with a wolf. It is believed by the men in the encampment that Mowgli was killed during the kerfuffle but he is actually taken in as part of a wolf pack. Soon he befriends a small bear cub. As a young man Mowgli finds the ancient Monkey City will of treasure which Kaa-the big python—protects and guards at all times. Katherine and her father are still in India and though she runs into Mowgli later in life they do not recognize her. While he is searching for Kitty he is captured by the soldiers because he has a dagger from Monkey City. It is only when Kitty sees an old bracelet on the young man which she had earlier in life given to Mowgli that she realizes who she is. Upon this realization she takes it upon herself to re-introduce the boy to modern civilization but during the process the two fall in love.

Eventually Kitty and her father are kidnapped and will only be released if Mowgli takes them to the treasure. As they trek toward the treasure the group learns the Shere Khan has returned to follow them. Soon enough the members of the hunting party die off save for Mowgli and Kitty. Mowgli displays no fear when attacked by Shere Khan again and upon seeing this Shere Khan accepts him as part of the jungle. Soon Mowgli becomes the lord of the jungle with Kitty by his side.

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