Pop Culture

Popular culture emerged in the later 20th century to the early years of the 21st century. It was defined by many things including ideas, images, attitudes, and perspectives in the society. The biggest influence of the culture was the mass media and some of experiences in the lives of the majority. Some of the categories in the culture were sports, news, politics, entertainment and slang. Ever since, pop culture has evolved and has become a part of the society in many ways. As asserted in the essay, pop culture has had many advantages and disadvantages.


On one hand, pop culture is disadvantageous. To start with, people who tend to act differently from the ideas of the pop culture are not accepted in the society. They may also face violence because of their unique views. This goes against the aspect of free will and choice. Secondly, some of the ideas of the culture may not be ideal for the society. Yet individuals will follow them strictly so that they can gain acceptance by others. Drugs use, for instances, has been associated with the culture. As a result, the productivity of many in the world has been affected negatively.

In addition, pop culture continues to evolve, which means that people have to keep watching what is happening in the world with the hope of adjusting accordingly. In the process people can be stressed and waste a lot of time in the end. Thirdly, it brings about racial discrimination. People perceive some races differently depending on the ideas of the pop culture propagated in such communities. Yet, it is possible to find independent minded and good people in the same race or community.

The Advantages

On the other hand, pop culture, brought about the aspects of community work and togetherness. People who share the same ideas and perspectives are able to join hands and do good things for the sake of their future generations. Some of the people who feel isolated are also given the social support in times of need. Further, some of the ideas can be used for behavior modification. For instance, people will avoid drugs addiction if it is unpopular. Moreover, people who may be doing remarkable things in a society are celebrated. Their success is viewed as a society’s success and may act as the role models of the young individuals so that they can take a positive direction in life. Indeed, pop culture has had many advantages and disadvantages.

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