The Negative Effects Of Natural Disasters

Life can seem to go along a fairly predictable path and seem secure until something happens to remind us all of how fragile existence is. For many people this thing turns out to be a natural disaster. Events that come under this heading are not directly caused by human actions so car accidents and bombings cannot truly be put in this category. Here you will instead find hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis and countless others. This paper will explore some of the hardships that can come from these events.

Emotional Trauma

Being caught in a natural disaster can wreak havoc on the emotions. Depending on the severity of the crisis, many of your friends and loved ones may have been injured or killed. Others may be lost with little or no hope of being recovered or ever learning of their whereabouts. This can trigger depression and anxiety in the moment. Years later, it is not uncommon for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder to manifest just as it does in soldiers who have seen active duty. This can continue for a lifetime, especially when treatment is not made available or affordable.

Economic Devastation

When nature strikes, there tend to be huge losses of property and infrastructure. This can be difficult to recover from particularly in societies where the majority of the populace make their living off of physical means. Livestock that die may not be compensated for or crops that are no longer able to produce usable produce. In countries where services are the key industries, the loss of internet, electricity and even buildings can translate into hundreds of millions of dollars of profit forgone. If the problem persists for long enough, some clients may turn to competitors for the fulfillment of their needs.


One of the most obvious problems that comes from a breakdown in services is the easy spread of disease. When pipe-borne water is less available people do not wash their hands after using the bathroom. Worse yet, there may be no bathrooms to use so that germs multiply freely in the makeshift latrines. Combined with the use of water of dubious quality, it becomes quite easy for any remaining survivors to spread parasites among each other.

There are people who call these natural disasters “acts of God” to indicate that they cannot be prevented. To an extent this is true but climate change has made many of these events much more likely.

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