Managing Environmental Issues

Managing environmental issues such as pollution, environmental degradation and resource depletion, to name a few, is one of the controversial and complex subject matter in the field of scientific research and research. Varieties of methodologies and approaches may be applied to manage the Environmental issues. Sustainability, increased political participation and educational campaign are some of the approaches that can be useful in dealing with the management of environmental issues.

Sustainability is another remarkable approach to manage the harmful effects of human beings on environment. We should use natural resources prudently; we should think about the limits of natural resources and use them accordingly. In other words, our use of natural resources should not negatively affect the future generation. The issue of sustainability is further extended by Daily and Huang in their Achieving sustainability through attention to human resources factors in environmental management. If we conduct business or use natural resources, we should emphasize on capability of natural resources that we use/exploit; our organizational politics should give priority to sustainable use of natural resources, thereby mitigating environmental issues.

There should be political involvement in managing the environmental resources. There is no pure environmental solution; environmental issues are entangled with socio-economic conditions because our economic necessity and its achievement from the consumption of environment and our policy towards the use of natural resources determine the environmental degradation. For example, if our government policy about the consumption of natural resources is eco-friendly, it will cause less harm in environment. Kemp (2004) explained the involvement of politics participation in managing the environmental issues as a broad and global outlook. Of course, as stated by Kemp, managing environmental issues is an international phenomenon and international community should work together to mitigate the effects of human activities on environment. All nations should agree to adopt environment friendly governing policy and be responsible about the negative effects on environment.

Education campaign about environmental issues and their effect on our life in long run contributes to mitigate environmental issues such as pollution, environmental degradation, resource depletion, to name a few. If people become aware about their activities and their harmful effects on environment, they can use environmental resources wisely. People who are well aware about environmental deterioration caused by human activities pay attention to carrying capacity of environment or natural resources before they go for its consumption.

Summing up, we can manage environmental issues by using natural resources according to their carrying capacity, educating people about harmful effects on environment caused by human activities and adopting environment friendly government policies.

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