Where To Get Well-Written Expository Essay Examples On Technology

An expository essay appears tailor-made for technology subjects. You are asked to be very logical and precise; exactly what is expected when writing about science. You are defining a topic and your personal opinion does not matter in this situation. The facts trump the emotion. Someone who is technically oriented, but does not have a lot of experience with writing, would be interested in some examples. There are places where you can find a few that are excellent guides.

  • Do an Internet Search. You can put some ideas into the search engine and see what comes up. Here’s a little tip: go beyond the first page of the search. You may discover in the back pages there are websites with a number of examples you can consider before you begin writing.

  • Consult Scholarly Journals. The library of your university or department may have a wide variety of technical journals. These are written by knowledgeable people in a way to define what is a difficult subject area for many. It will not take long before you have some samples you can expand on.

  • Ask Your Teacher for past Essays. It is quite possible that your instructor may keep copies of essay work that was done in the past. These can be considered good sources of research into what makes a good expository composition.

  • Check with Your Peers. The understanding is that you may have friends who already wrote expository assignments about technology, and perhaps they kept their own copies. Make it understood you are not trying to copy what they’ve already written, but you want to know how it was done. There should be no problem in getting at least a few examples.
  • It bears repeating that you do not copy what you review. Any student who is foolish enough to do this risks being accused of plagiarism. In most cases that is grounds for expulsion from the department if not the university itself. It is better to do the research and write original copy. If you’re in a technical field you have to be able to explain your work in written form. The expository composition is best suited for that. What you are doing is learning how to write about technology in a way that is understandable by any number of laymen.

    The examples that you are able to uncover will help guide you in this learning exercise. Do not be afraid of it because you may discover you have a better writing style than you imagined before.

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