Good essay writing skills needed: develop your writing voice

Essay writing is more than just completing five paragraphs with the necessary sentences and evidence. The best essay writers are able to include evidence that supports their claims, but they do it with a sense of style. No, this does not mean that essay writers are wearing great clothes while they write, but they are able to include their own voice and personality in their writing. Voice is the one essay component that sets the strong essays apart from the weak ones.

Practice is the Best Way to Learn Voice

Students need to understand that voice is not a writing skill that shows up without practice. Writers who successfully use voice practice writing with voice on a regular basis. Like all skills, practice really does help. The more you write, the more opportunities you will have to include voice. Writers find that voice develops with practice, which results in a high level of comfort with writing. If you do not practice, you will never be able to include a strong voice, because you will not know what your personal writing style actually could be.

Know the Rules of Writing

Voice comes with ability. The best writers know the rules of writing, but they know how to break them successfully. In some ways, voice will show up when writers successfully break the common writing rules. Good writers know how to include voice and break rules so well that readers casually skip over the broken writing rules. Writers learn about the rules of writing through reading. The more you read, the more good writing you will be able to recognize. All of that good reading will eventually show up in your writing, especially after you take the time to edit and revise using the one-foot voice technique.

Read Essays from Favorite Authors

If you are going to write essays with a strong voice, you should read essays with strong voices. Professional writers like novelists and screenwriters are able to craft essays with evidence voices. Some of the most enjoyable essays to read are about the writing process as writers craft pieces that help their fans learn what it is like to be writer. One of the best things to do is to read essays by your favorite authors. Your favorite authors have become favorites because the writing is so good. If you look at what your author can do outside of the confines of fiction writing, you will be able to see what it takes to write with interesting voice.

Great Tips For Writing

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