5 Main Reasons Why I Can’t Write a Good Essay

If no matter how hard you try, your essays still turn out mediocre, you must be doing something wrong. These are the five most common reasons that prevent people from writing high quality academic papers:

  1. Your paper has no defined thesis.
  2. The vast majority of students don’t understand the difference between a strong and weak thesis. If the most important sentence of your paper isn’t precise and strong, it may not be there at all.

    You must be focused when developing the thesis statement. Make sure that it can really express the main idea of your paper. Every word in this sentence must have a definite purpose. If you need to make it long, do so. Remember that it must include your main argument and a short overview of the most important evidence. You will need to revise the thesis statement after you finish writing.

  3. Your conclusion is inconclusive.
  4. This problem usually occurs because students get carried away and start listing various research opportunities that their papers open. Introducing these new ideas makes the paper itself seem incomplete.

    You must create a conclusion that effectively closes all your plotlines. Your reader should feel that the paper says everything there is to say about the topic.

  5. Your topic is too broad/narrow.
  6. The inability to choose the right kind of topic is very common because no one can really teach you how to do this. It’s one of those things that you need to “feel”. Practice will help you develop this skill.

    When choosing a topic, you need to narrow it down to the point where you are sure that it can be fully covered in the paper of the assigned size. In order to determine if the topic isn’t too narrow, you’ll need to develop a list of logical arguments to use in the paper. Make sure that there is enough evidence for them to meet the word count requirements without adding any “filler” content.

  7. Your grammar and writing style are inconsistent.
  8. You will need to edit the paper several times in order to make sure that all the tenses and grammar forms are correct and consistent. You must keep an eye on the paper’s tone and style. They must be impersonal and formal, unless your teacher specifies different requirements.

  9. Your story doesn’t “flow”.
  10. This usually happens because students forget to use transition words to link different parts of the essay together.

    Go over your paper and make sure that every section smoothly flows into the next one.

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