The term feminism makes it very clear what it refers to from the get go as. Obviously it refers to the female and a movement that promotes the idea of empowerment for women. In modern society it is considered as a slightly aggressive idea that has established itself as anti-male.

This causes confusion even with many women who have spent little effort in trying to figure it out. However, with a brief review of its history and culture, you will view feminism differently.

Militant Approach

In order to put this in the appropriate context, it’s important to point out the common extreme form of feminism. It stands to reason that all groups who take an ideological stance with gender, rights, politics or anything else will always have an extremist view. In this case it’s female inclusion for females only and to the point where same-sex culture is mandatory in order to be included.

As with other groups those who have this ideology often remind others that it’s there through in protests, through sub-culture and androgenous dress.


Again, as in all groups like these there are obvious supporters, some who have taken great effort to recognize feminism as an important part of social progress such as Harry Gordon Selfridge who opened the first department store if it’s kind in London at the start of the twentieth century.

What puts him and his business model in the right place is that he developed his department store to support women and relieve them of the social suppression in their homes by providing amenities for women and shopping experiences, and better employment for young women as well as providing support for the suffragette movement. So recognized was he that when feminists activists were destroying property in protest, they stayed away from Selfridges.

Inclusion Of All Sexes

Many self described feminists felt it was necessary to redefine feminism as less aggressive than the commonly referenced extreme form by including broadening the idea to male gender as well.

The perspective is always seen from the view of female rights and the demands to be included along with everyone else. Society has often been mentioned as seen disproportionately from the male point of view and run by that view for a long time. The modern view of feminism is to put everyone on the same level regardless of gender as equal rights.


All races and genders come down to one thing and that is that everyone has rights. As individuals, to be included in something is part of what it means to be human and the feminist movement has already had a history of standing up for women’s rights. As long as society makes it difficult for women to be respect, it will continue to stand strong.

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