Marketing Plan

The business plan is a road map that assists an individual in determining whether or not it is feasible to start a business.  Many times business plans are used by business owners to get financial assistance from banks (loans) and investors.  But, many individuals will use a business plan as the first tool to set-up and start their business.  The most important part of the business plan is the marketing plan.

The marketing plan sets the stage of how well one’s business will do in the business world.  The marketing plan lets the business owner know what their competitors are up to and how they measure up to the competitors.  The marketing plan lets one know the latest trends that are happening in their field of work.  The marketing plan gives one a general picture of what is happening in one’s field of business.  The marketing plan provides the individual with the financial projections for the first three years of being in business.  The marketing plan lets the potential business owner know whether or not their business idea will work out or not.

The marketing plan lets potential investors know how viable and financially secure one’s business will be.  The marketing plan lets the banker know whether or not it will be advisable to loan one money for their business plan.  The marketing plan is the most important portion of the business plan.  The marketing plan lets the business owner know the financial projection of their business, what their competitor advantage or competitor edge is, and how the business will fare in the first three years of operation.

The marketing plan is the most important part of the business plan. It determines whether or not one can receive funding from a bank or investor to grow the business.  It lets the business owner know how they compare to their local competitors and lets the owner know what makes their business unique.  The marketing plan prepares the business owner for what it takes to have a successful business.  The marketing plan is the best tool a business owner can use to determine how to make their business stand out from the competition and how to get clients to want to buy their services or products.  The marketing plan is the portion of the business plan that can either make or break the business.  The marketing plan lets the business owner know the best marketing tools to use to grow their business and market their business.

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