Useful Advice On Writing A Cause And Effect Essay About Smoking

Are you interested in creating a cause an effect essay on smoking, but have no idea what approach must be used so that you are able to achieve the top grade? There are a variety of approaches that you can make use of and selecting the correct one will go a long way in ensuring that you are able to achieve the top grade. With that thought in mind, here is what you must keep in mind, if you are interested in creating an essay about cause and effect on smoking:

What is a cause and effect essay?

Before you proceed with the project you have to understand what a cause and effect piece is all about. As the name suggests it is all about trying to figure out what the cause is after a certain action has taken place. Therefore, the piece needs to be split into two parts, which is the cause and the effect.

When it comes to smoking possible topics might include the different effects of smoking such as cancer and lung complications. Also keep in mind that you can take a look at the many different example out there online for some suggestions on how to complete such a piece of content. If you take the time to look, then you will find so many samples that you will have a hard time taking in all the info that’s available.

Example topics

Here are some example topics to get started with:

  • How has smoking changed society as a whole?

  • Why has there been a decrease in the number of people smoking over the last 50 years?

  • What are the main reasons for why people take up smoking to begin with?

  • Is smoking the worst thing to have happened to western culture?

  • What can be done to get people to reduce the amount they smoke per day?

  • What are the most problematic health concerns related to smoking?

  • What solutions are there to kicking the smoking habit?

  • Is smoking worse that drinking alcohol?

  • Is smoking one of the worst addictions out there?

  • What can be done to ensure that a smoking habit does not become a lifelong problem?

Great Tips For Writing

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