Difference Between HR Specialist And Generalist


Business organizations function with various necessary departments and processes that assist them with production, customers services, financial management, and employee management. Human Resource Management is one such important department which manages human capital. This paper will discuss the importance of human resource management for businesses and will differentiate between HR Generalist and Specialist.

Human Resource and its Management

Human resources refers to the individuals or group of individuals that form the workforce in a business organization or economy. The term is also sometimes used as 'human capital', 'labor', and 'manpower'. The primary focus of HR is to concentrate on the policies, people, and systems in an organization. The basic purpose of human resource management (HRM) is to optimize the performance of employees in alignment with the strategic objectives set by the employer.

Difference between HR Specialist and Generalist

A well-motivated and qualified human resource base is the asset of every business organization. The professionals working in this capacity usually adopt one of the two career branches to go up the ladder of success: human resource specialist or generalist.

Human Resource Specialist

According to the self-explanatory term, a human resources specialist possesses proficiency and expertise on a particular discipline within the field of HR.

Human Resource Generalist

A human resource generalist is known to have general knowledge of all elements of HR. In various companies, employees usually contact generalists as their first point solution for all the issues related to HR.

Following are some of the differences between HR specialist and generalist:

HR Specialist

  • Specialist in recruiting, staffing, compensation management, or any of the other HR functions
  • Focused on specific area of knowledge and performs special role
  • Routine job, specific time frame, and defined goals
  • Creates and management benefits in order to support business organization and make it
  • more competitive

HR Generalist

  • Proficient in all HR areas so that employees may be helped and guided properly
  • Focused on general understanding of the entire subject and works in close coordination with the specialist to provide employees with sound and accurate information
  • Less routine job with no particular time frame or goals
  • Switches focus from one project to another and works on the ones that best fit the role of a generalist


Human Resource management is the foundation on which the whole organizational structure is laid. A human resource generalist assists employees with all the issues related to human resource. In contrary to this, a human resource specialist deals proficiently with any one of the elements in the capacity of human resource management and provides employees and managers with specialist knowledge.

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