8 Steps To Creating Your Best Argumentative Essay Ever

In an argumentative essay, you choose a stance on an issue, then put forth a solid argument to support your point of view. In high school and college, you will probably have to write several papers of this type. Writing an argumentative essay builds valuable critical thinking skills, demonstrating your ability to form an opinion based on facts and evidence.

Here are eight steps in the argumentative essay planning and writing process. These will help guide you toward creating an excellent paper that makes a strong, solid argument in favor of your position.

  1. Choose a good topic. It helps if you choose a topic that you’re actually interested in. When you’re actually passionate about an issue, you’ll invest more time and energy into your writing project. Think about what controversies you feel strongly about, and choose one as your topic.
  2. Look at both sides of the issue before choosing a stance. You may already have a strong opinion on a subject, but it’s worth looking at the opposing side’s arguments as well. You will also have to be familiar with the opposing argument because part of your essay will involve refuting it. You might surprise yourself and change your mind, if you take the time to look at why the opposing side feels the way they do.
  3. Gather evidence to support your point of view. You need to back up your viewpoint with solid evidence. Do some research, and compile the evidence that works in favor of your claims. Determine how each piece of evidence supports your side.
  4. Examine and gather the evidence claimed by the opposing side. The other side also claims evidence to support their views. You’ll need to figure out what this evidence is, so that you understand where they’re coming from.
  5. Introduce your topic, and assert your side. This will form the beginning or introduction for your essay. You will need to give a concise explanation of the issue, and why it is so controversial. Then, state what stance you take, with a very brief explanation of why.
  6. Present your evidence. Put forth the evidence that supports your claim, explaining why it works in favor of your chosen viewpoint.
  7. Examine and refute the opposing claims. Explain the opposing side, and delineate why it is mistaken. They have “evidence” of your own, and you need to explain why their evidence actually does not support their position.
  8. Present a strong conclusion. In your conclusion, restate the essence of what you’ve argued in the body of the paper, ending with a reinforcement of your viewpoint.

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