Breastfeeding Vs Bottle Feeding

Research indicates that it is healthy and necessary that mothers breastfeed their children until they get to the age of twelve months. It can, however, be for a longer period depending on the preference of the mother or if the baby is eager to continue breastfeeding. All the same even with the increasing campaigns to breastfeed babies for long, the decision of whether to breastfeed or to bottle-feed, is up to the mother. In other words, it is a personal decision. Whatever the decision or method the mother prefers or selects to use, she needs not to feel pressured to use either of the two methods. A mother, at the same time, needs to consider her the method of feeding she is most comfortable with. Also, the lifestyle of the mother or rather how busy she is in the day is a critical and vital factor to consider also. Besides, a mother also has to consider medical issues for her and her child. After making such consideration, a mother can settle on either of the methods.


Notably, one of the reasons mothers get a lot of advice on breastfeeding and not bottle-feeding is that breast milk is rich in nutrients that the body of the baby requires. Besides, the content of the nutrients keeps changing to fit the age and the requirements of the child. For example, the fats and quantity of milk changes as the baby continue to grow. The breast milk is also critical as it is essential in fighting infections as well as boosting the level of immunity in the baby’s system. The breast milk can keep away conditions such as diabetes and asthma. Furthermore, it prevents allergies and obesity and at the same time reduces risks for diarrhea. The baby's digestive system may be weak. However, it can easily digest the breast milk. Finally, breast milk does not cost the mother money. In other words, it is free.

Bottle Feeding

This method of feeding is preferred by most busy moms. With bottle feeding, other family members other than the mother can feed the baby. The mother does not have issues while breastfeeding the child even in public places. Evidently, those who breast feed may be uncomfortable if they need to feed the baby in public places. Though this of feeding, it is simpler for the mother to monitor the amount the child has each day.

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