Exploring the Notion of Cultural Tradition

All cultures modern or traditional are an accumulation of shared and learned meanings. In the history of mankind traditional culture appeared before science. Science was created as a replacement for traditional culture. This does not mean, however, that in traditional culture there is no science. They are connected to each other in the beliefs of many peoples. Even today, mix together these concepts.

Tradition Culture is a set of practices, beliefs, values and way of life detained or held by a particular human group, which have been transferred to them from their intimates through their ancestors, people and society around them. Traditional culture may vary from place to place, it may take several forms. Within a specific religion it may be the holding and adaptation of some carnivals. Within society it may be defined as the act of behaving in a particular way that is being followed over a long period of time. For example, Animal Scarifies is an integral part of Muslim Traditional Culture, and Thanksgiving Celebration is a part of American Traditional culture.

Traditional culture is somehow different from the modern culture because of which things are not that much simple in the tradition culture. For an instance personal and professional life are considered as same in it, one can’t compartmentalized personal, business, religion and political life. A disadvantage related to tradition culture is its rigidity, it tends t remain constant for the longer period of time. It is fundamentally a conservative system. There is a little room for the inventions in the tradition culture; new things took place in the same manner as genetic mutation. On the other hand, modern culture welcomes the innovation and invention of invention. In general, one may not find any rationality in the traditional culture because they are not backed by any scientific experiment, they only follows a story or a legend that occurred a number of years ago. Traditional culture has only one thing positive that it focuses on aesthetic view of society, and attach humans with their historical past.

Finally it can be concluded that traditional culture has become an integral part of human race in many areas of globe. However, it is expected that modern invention of science and scientific research is going to through such believed out of the picture.

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