Main Ideas Of Karl Marx

Karl Marx is very popular and well known for his works. The works of Karl Marx are majorly used in modern studies. Philosophers have used his ideas severally in justification of issues. The main ideas of Karl Marx were about social classes and the Alienation and revolution. These works were also used in other fields for example by economists, historians and also socialists.

Main Ideas of Karl Marx: Theory of Social Class

In his theory, Karl Marx was in the efforts and attempts to understand and learn about people and how they are affected by the social class in which they are. He depicts in the theory the people who are in the upper class socially having more opportunities as they are wealthy. They can thus afford to pay for leisure as they have the abundance of money and resources. The people in the lower class in the social status, on the other hand, are unlucky as they are faced with poverty as the resources they have are limited or they may not have any resources to spend or use. According to the theory, of Karl Marx, the production is only able to take place for the wealthy as they have resources that are required in the process of production. The wealthy, according to Marx own property and live in luxury. The people who are poor in the society, on the other hand, may own little or even no wealth. They only have the option of working for the wealthy so they can earn or make money to cater for the needs they have.

Main Ideas of Karl Marx: Alienation and Revolution

Karl Marx goes on to describe how alienation can occur to the poor people in the society. This is because they have to work for those that are wealthy for them to survive or live. The capitalists in the society have the aim of producing more and more and thus make more or increase their profits. The only way this can happen is the use of the poor as laborers for the wealthy in production. Marx seems hid=s system as unfair. The capitalists in the society, according to Marx should be done away with. They should be then replaced by people that are socialist. A system that would equalize all was important. This is one theory that caused the revolution among those working for the capitalists, leading to many changes. Some parts of the world did not however change.

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