Organizational management

Organizational management is a popular process or style that is used in the management of a business in the modern world. This style or system is used in business with the aim of attaining different goals and objectives. The managers or the business owners, divide the entire system in to different departments or phases in order to have a clear picture of objectives in each department. This will also help in the implementation of goals as well as allow the managers to respond quickly to internal and external effects of the company. In this essay, different steps and processes involved in organizational management, will pointed out.

The first process in organizational management is planning, which is the most important part of the organizational management system. In this stage, the manager comes up with the goals that need to be achieved in the department. He also comes up with the ways to achieve those goals. This step involves different plans such as expenses, day to day tasks, inventory control and revenue plans. All the plans formed in this stage, are used by the manager as the stepping stone to perform the other processes in organizational management structure.

The second process in organizational management is organization process, which is a step where the manager or the business owner arranges all the plans formed in the planning process to achieve goals. Duties to all the workers are assigned depending on the qualifications and the skills of each employee, and the time to complete tasks is also allocated. In this stage, burdens from the management are reduced and allow all the created phases in the company to work efficiently. The third process is the leadership process, some of the companies do not consider this process but it is very important to all the successful companies. In this stage, a leader is chosen. A leader should be a person who can easily corporate and connect with fellow employees. He or she should also be confident in all the company’s activities, self-drive, possess integrity, should be wise and knowledgeable. The manager or the business leader should always consider the mentioned qualities when looking for a leader in the organization.

The fourth and the final stage in organizational management is resource control. The manager comes up with different ways to go through all the plans created in planning process, to determine the effects of the plans and to determine whether all the goals were achieved or not. If the end results are not efficient or shows that the achievements achieved are way higher than the target, changes are made in the organization stage to ensure the appropriate use of resources. The control stage information can be presented in different ways such as, reports, internal and external complaint and statements.

Conclusively, all the organizations, companies or small businesses, should consider organizational management system in order to run their businesses smoothly, to achieve goals, define responsibilities, and allocate labor time. This will also allow the managers or the business owners to easily detect losses and challenges affecting companies. Use of organizational management structure leads to successful businesses.

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