Learning A New Language

There are over 6 billion people on the planet. Despite this piece being written in English, the majority of them actually live in China and speak Mandarin or Cantonese. There are thousands of languages currently in use and not being able to understand more than the one you were born speaking cuts you off from many experiences. This essay discusses some of the methods that can be used to remedy uni-lingualism.

Study a second language in school

This is perhaps the most well known method perhaps because most people are forced to learn at least one other language while in school. Some people become bilingual through this method and actually attain fluency in their second language. Unfortunately, many others do not. They memorize vocabulary and gain very little from it because they have no context for the words. This shallow knowledge is rarely used and eventually fades from their minds to be replaced with other things that they more regularly think about.

Making a friend from another culture

This was once done through the use of the postal service but now it can be conducted through email, real time text services or video chat programs online. Anyone can meet someone from another country and learn that person’s language. This can help with getting the context of that other person’s language but it helps to have already established a foundation in the basic grammar on your own or with a teacher. This will enable you to begin communicating without having to establish a set of signals that help to show what you both mean to say to each other.

Entertaining yourself in another language

Consider buying a copy of your favorite novel in French if you want to become fluent. You will already have a fair understanding of the plot and if you know some of the words, this understanding will help you to fill in the rest of the meaning. You can also try watching the news in your chosen language or your favorite movies. If there are subtitles this can also be helpful because it can show you what you have just heard in English.

There are many ways to help you increase the speed of your learning but one of the best ones is to combine as many methods as possible. Let a teacher provide you with a foundation and practice and watch movies with a friend from another country.

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