Urbanisation refers to the migration of people from rural to urban areas due to result of increase of cities. It can also be referred as the process of conversion of areas from rural to urban. Urbanisation has been occurring to that part of the world where people have lived for years and now the modernization amongst them is taking place. Moreover, people move to the cities in search of opportunities so they can live well. Urbanisation points out to factors – demographic and sociologic.

The demographic factor refers to the percentage of people that are living in the urban areas as compared to the total population. Whereas, sociologic factors reflect the behavior and perception of people that is changing to new and modern way of life. However, Urbanisation has led to many problems especially for the cities.

Due to Urbanisation, cities are facing problems that it needs to overcome such as over-pollution, congestion, pollution, poverty, crime, drug abuse, adultery and many more. This further creates problems for the people that are living in the cities from the starting, Usually, people living in urban areas does not like the life styles of people living in rural areas but now are shifted to the cities. Rural area people follow the traditional way of life that does not fit with the life in cities.

Besides this, people are now changing their lifestyles and thus Urbanisation has led to decrease in rural areas. Globalization has boosted the process of Urbanisation in past several years; people are switching their taste and preferences. Education has also increased in the last decade that resulted in people preferring office jobs instead of labor-type job that they used to perform traditionally.

However, the issues are still considerable for cities. As a solution to those problems, government of the city should take steps to handle resources more efficiently so as to successfully meet the consequences of Urbanisation. On the other hand, rural areas must be develop or converted into urban areas to restrict people to migrate to cities. Instead, they should be able to exploit opportunities within their areas. More residential buildings and plazas should also be build in order to accommodate people migrating to urban areas.

At last, despite the positive side, Urbanisation has led to a loss of traditional culture and practices of the people. However, the increase in Urbanisation is still at its highest.

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