Top 15 Analytical Expository Essay Topics For High School Students

Analytical expository essays are used quite often in college. It is important to practice sufficiently before getting to college so you are familiar with how to write them. There is a specific structure to creating an expository essay. You need an introduction, body, and conclusion. The hardest part of any article is picking the right topic. You can just brainstorm by putting a bunch of topics that interest you on a piece of paper. Once you do that, the rest of the essay is easy. I have listed 15 of the top analytical expository essay topics below. This is great practice for high school students.

  1. Explain why a driver’s license is so important to a teenager.

  2. Explain why it is important for parents to be strict.

  3. Explain why some teenager’s drink alcohol or do drugs.

  4. Explain why teenagers skip school.

  5. Explain the consequences of students cheating in high school.

  6. Explain why some teens join gangs.

  7. Explain the consequences of dropping out of high school.

  8. Explain why adults shouldn’t smoke on school grounds.

  9. Explain why some cities have curfews for teens.

  10. Explain how moving constantly affects teens.

  11. Explain why some teens commit suicide.

  12. Describe the consequences of selling drugs.

  13. Explain the consequences of being sexually active without using protection.

  14. Describe the effects of marijuana.

  15. Explain the consequences of capital punishment.

It’s important to choose an analytical essay that is important to you. If you do, you will tend to be more focused and create a better article. Now that you have your topic, you need to write your introduction. This is where you tell the audience what your main idea is about the subject. You also should use the introduction to create an interest for your reader. You are trying to convince your fellow students to read your essay. Now you need to create 2 or 3 ideas to support your thesis. Each one of these ideas will be a paragraph in your body. Use the body to convince the reader your statement was valid. After your body, you need to write the conclusion. Your conclusion is used to rewrite your thesis and then to reiterate each of your arguments that supported the thesis. You also want to remind your fellow students why your topic was important and hope you sparked an interest in the reader so he may pursue more information on the topic.

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