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How To Write A 5 Paragraph Essay

Essay writing assignments help students express ideas through literary composition. Meaning, various aspects of college coursework will depend on how well you understand how to write a 5 paragraph essay. An assignment of this nature may seem easy enough as it is one page in length. But, there are standards you are expected to meet while creating each part of this essay. For most students, this means taking time to understand proper essay format. This is why many students prefer to look for a trustworthy custom essay writing service or online essay writer that are aimed to fulfill all your writing demands. If you are looking for writing help just say: write my essay and get it done.

Basic Essay Format

The Introduction

The introduction or introductory paragraph is at the beginning of the essay. This is where you will make your claim, present your main idea, or state the purpose behind the essay. This paragraph should capture interest of the reader. You will start this paragraph with something that will hook the reader such as a quote, fact, or interesting statement related to your topic. Try to start with something that is exciting, intriguing, or surprising. If you are not able to hook the reader they will not be interested in reading the essay. Introduce your topic to your audience. This can be done in a few sentences following your hook or what you started with to bring the reader in. This will prepare readers for your thesis statement or main idea. You will them state your thesis, but some may find it easier to mention their main point in the middle or toward the beginning of the paragraph. Your thesis is a powerful statement you will prove in the following paragraphs. Many suggest this statement should be the last sentence in your introduction paragraph. Your thesis will have specific elements your instructor will look for. It should assert your point of view on the topic with clarity.

The Body

How to write a 5 paragraph essay includes understanding how to create body paragraphs that appear after your introduction. The body is comprised of 3 paragraphs with each paragraph providing a supporting point that is evidence for your main point or thesis. This means you will state what your point is and provide two or three sentences that will explain and back it up. Each paragraph should use transitional words to help readers move on to the next point. The transitional words or statement will appear toward the end of each paragraph.

Each body paragraph should follow the same logical organization of details to keep your flow concise. For instance, each paragraph should have a main point or statement, supporting evidence, and a transition sentence all in this order. Examples of transition words include yet, in fact, and furthermore.

The Conclusion

Your conclusion paragraph is the final paragraph of the essay. This will summarize your main points and you will reassert your thesis or main idea. When you write this paragraph you are not rewriting your points word-for-word, but instead just highlight points without examples. This paragraph will bring your topic to a close. Depending on the type of essay you may want to end it with something you have learned, what you want the audience to know about the topic, or the true meaning behind the essay. In some cases this may not be necessary but assignment guidelines may provide more information on what to include.

Additional Tips on Writing Your Essay

Write a rough draft of your essay. As you write each section go back over it and read what you have written. You should check your supporting points and make sure your evidence is clear. Proofread, edit, and revise your content before submission.

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